Neon in the Wild

Digital Photographs

Dimensions Variable


Neon in the Wild projects is a collaboration between myself and James Akers. We travel across the country bringing portable neon pieces with us to capture the beauty of natural landscapes. In the fall of 2018, we went to Palo Duro Canyon on a camping trip and were immediately inspired by the landscape and how light plays within the canyon land. Our world gives us so many beautiful landscapes and magnificent moments and this project aims to highlight not only the big picture, but also the little moments of mother nature. We see this work as a documentation of the place we visited and, that the neon functions as a highlighting frame that mimics the colors of the space around it. These photographs are remnants of an ephemeral moment in time, in a faraway place, just like our memories of our experiences. We also seek to document the human presence while leaving no trace of activity behind. This is important to the project as a way of protecting the environment from damage while offering the ability to be present and enjoy it. Documenting these moments in time, to share with others, is our goal and hopefully, have people walk away appreciating our world a little more than they had before.