My interdisciplinary practice explores human experiences,  creating tangible objects as the product of those events. My practice employs a wide range of materials, however glass and fabric are central to my work. Fabric captures the warmth, the body and domesticity I search to capture when creating my work. Glass possesses a dualistic quality, strong and fragile, transparent and opaque:  speaks to the alternated perspective and delicate scenarios.


I am a seamstress of human emotions, a cartographer of fragile conceptions, and illustrator of memories. A product of two families that never knew each other and were united through my adoption. Growing up, I was very fortunate that I have always known about being adopted and always felt connected to my birth parents even though I never met them. I have been piecing together the complex emotions personally and social perceptions of adoption within the United States. Adoption in this country seems to be viewed through uninformed eyes that have never had the opportunity to learn the full spectrum of adoption. 


I am influenced by geography and heritage in society, and how these concepts determine popular perspective. I am inspired by adoption and how I choose to define myself. -“ Now you ask me through all your tears the age old question through the years; Heredity or environment, which are you product of? Neither, my darling neither, just two different kinds of love.” - unknown.

Image designed by Ali Feeney