Blasted Memory

Blasted Memory Series


Navigating the Self 5”x 7”x 3” 

Grand Duo 5"x 6"x 1/8" 

Interrelations 12"x 9"x 1/8" 

Caged 12"x 9"x 1/8"

Staged Bones 5"x 5"x 1/4" 

Stellar Spine 9"x 11"x 1/8"

Materials: Glass, Sandblasted Imagery


This is a series that was an investigation of images and layering to create collages that reflect my personal memory. I use a combination of found and drawn images to create a depiction of a feeling or event from a previous time in my life. These are found images that are collected from various sources and are appropriated together with the drawn images. Some common themes in this work include the relationship of the body and star maps as the navigational map between memories. 


The artist would like to thank the Corning Museum of Glass and Denise Stillwaggon Leone for making this series possible.