Graduate Studies

I have been working away here in Texas pursuing my degree. It has been both a wonderful and stressful experience (I genuinely appreciate sleep now more than I have in the past). I'm very excited about some of the work that I have been creating. I've been using new materials and learning new processes including the computer program Rhinoceros 3D which has been quite the hurdle. My research has been focusing on the written letter and how they become extensions of the writer to be a substitute to the in person interaction. I have assigned numerical values for each letter of the alphabet and added up the values so that each word has it's own numerical value. From there, I input the data into Rhino to create a physical object representation of the letter. I then have them printed out on a 3D printer which is such a satisfying feeling to watch a digital file come into the world. I have been very excited about the potentials for this project and the many possible forms it can take. Here are some photos of what I have been working on, enjoy.