I Was Comforted By Your Words

Quilted Fabric, Embroidery, Glass Beads

90" x 100" x 4'



In February of 2015 I had received a letter that changed my life for the better and reconnected me with my birth mother. Growing up, I have always known that I was adopted and thought it was something unique about myself. I have always felt loved by my birth parents even though they weren’t a part of my life directly. I Was Comforted By Your Words is an enlarged replica of the letter from my birth mother. I decided that a quilt was a perfect representation of family heritage, comfort, and of the body. On the back I have embroidered an excerpt from a poem that my mother had framed in my house my whole life which shaped my perspective on adoption. -“Once there were two women who never knew each other, One you do not remember, the other you call mother.” - This started my thinking that idolizes my birth mother as a personal hero and made me hope to be as brave as she was.