Haptic Inheritance

Dimensions Variable

Blown Glass, Cast Glass, Fabric, Thread



Have you ever considered your environment as a shaping tool in your life? Where you grew up being a defining component to your identity? These are questions I have been considering as I investigate identity and personal association with places. I was inspired by a piece in the main gallery of the Chrysler Museum of Art called Strata by Vija Celmins as she created her own maps through the printmaking process.


Growing up I felt that I was in the shadow of my birth parents, not knowing who they are or what they did in life. The details I did know where vague and impersonal, this was confusing to me because I couldn’t help but feel connected to who I felt were strangers. The quilt on the center wall has hand sewn maps which is a representation of my literal connections to all of my parents both adoptive and hereditary. Hybridizing places to make up one place that I see as myself; a self portrait. On the far left of the room, the piece She’s a Stranger, Tethered to My Heart… I have my hands that are casted glass holding a needle and thread that was used to sew the whole map on the right. This leads to the idea that I am the creator of my perceptions and am the connection between two families.