Family Topography

4'x 18"x 1"

Photo etched Enameled Glass, Fabric, Thread



Have you ever questioned who you are hereditarily? Thought about how you have become who you are based on your family history? With "Family Topography" I am questioning this logic of heredity as a determinate of character. In this piece I have placed my face with my adoptive parents and adopted brother to suggest how these people have made me the person that I am today. The maps on the quilts are of where we all grew up as children and in the case of my brother and I, the maps of the hospitals where we were born. I use quilts to offer the feeling of home and comfort and the glass as a representation of fragility. 

The artist would like to thank the following individuals and institutions for their contribution of this project:

 Kathy Little, Debbie Bolon-Feeney, Jonathan Feeney, Drew Feeney and the Chrysler Museum of Art.